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This is a deal that anyone can get, and there is no coupon, voucher or trick required. Your freezer will be stacked and so will your wallet.

Every month, the Co-op launches a ‘freezer filler’ deal, which is usually 5 freezer items that you can pick up for £5 (£1 each). Most often, it includes 2 main courses, some chips or wedges, vegetables and something for pudding.

This deal is valid at most Co-op shops around the country (find your nearest), so when you’re next in there, go to the freezer aisle to find this deal.

What can you get this month?

Until Tuesday 11th February, you can pick up the following items for £5:

  • Young’s Chip Shop 2 Extra Large Fish Cakes (normally £1.50)
  • Young’s 10 Flipper Dippers (normally £1.60)
  • McCain Oven Chips 750g (normally £1.75)
  • Co-op British Garden Peas 400g (normally £1)
  • Carte Dor Vanila Ice Cream Tub 1L (normally £4.40)

To get this deal, head to the freezer aisle at your local shop and look for the ‘£5 freezer fillers’ promotion. All of these items should be next to each other and ready to grab. To get everything for £5, you’ll need to purchase one of each of these items (you can’t substitute). If you miss an item, then the deal wont go through the till.

The Carte Dor is the best part of this deal, getting £3.40 off its normal price. Comparing this to other major supermarkets, the same basket elsewhere would cost you £7.50+, which means if you’d happily eat these freezer fillers, you’ll be getting a good deal!

Hope this helps you get a cheap dinner one night this week. Remember, there are tons of new customer codes for supermarkets at the moment, so you can save a bit of money if you don’t have a Co-op nearby.

Have you ever got the Co-op freezer filler deal? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_cox or on Facebook.

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1 Comment

  • Eve Richardson
    Posted 28th January 2020 at 4:52 pm 0Likes

    Hi Jordon , I just took advantage of the CO OP £5 offer thank you mentioning it
    on here. Just a word of warning the assistant hadn’t realised I was buying the
    offer and charged me full price ! Luckily I was only buying a few things on top of the offer
    so I noticed and queried the price, I was then given a refund . Just shows the need to be aware.

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