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Supermarkets make a ridiculous amount of money each year, and a way they lure customers in, is with ‘new customer codes’. Luckily, you can take advantage of these and save a pretty penny.

You’ve likely seen new customer codes in the past and overlooked them, either because you have a place you always shop at, or didn’t think it was worth it. But whether you’re a regular shopper online, or have never shopped online before, these could come in handy. Here’s why and what is on offer right now.

What are new customer codes?

If you’ve never shopped online at a specific supermarket, you can use a new customer code on your first shop to get money off. This is usually between £10-20 off, but there’s usually a high minimum spend attached to them.

Most supermarkets dish them out, meaning even if you’re an online shopping veteran, there’s probably at least one you haven’t used. If there’s a supermarket you haven’t shopped at online, and there’s a code to get money off your first shop, you can switch for a week, and then resume normal shopping once you’ve used the code.

This will pocket you a nice saving every week you shop with a new customer code. And, if you’ve never shopped online but want to, there is nothing to stop you doing your online shopping at a different supermarket every week, claiming every new customer code as you go – potentially saving £90+.

This is probably only good for you if you do branded shopping, where the same goods can be found at different supermarkets. Even if you’re loyal to a certain supermarket, switching for a week to save as much as £20 could make a big difference to your wallet.

£75+ of codes to claim

Currently, there are codes you can use from the likes of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and even a rare one from Morrisons.

  • Morrisons – £12 off £60 spend – Online code: VOU0874141

Voucher valid until Saturday 25th January online at Morrisons. Discount cannot be used against alcohol, tobacco and infant formula. Enter the code at checkout on your first shop to get £12 when you spend more than £60.


  • Sainsbury’s – £18 off £60 spend – Online code: SCSSEO21NAJ

Voucher valid until Sunday 9th February at Sainsbury’s. Discount can’t be used on alcohol, tobacco and infant formula. Enter the code at checkout to get £18 off your first shop £60 or over. Terms and conditions say one code per household, so if you’ve moved house, you might be able to use again.


  • Ocado – 25% off your first shop over £60 (plus 3 month delivery pass) – Online code: VOU8847937

Order at Ocado must be completed by Monday 16th March. 25% off a £60 spend would be £15 off, but the max bonus you can get is £25 off (meaning a £100 spend). 


  • Waitrose – £10 off your first three £80 shops – Online codes: (First – AQ4JN21) (Second – NQ4JN22) (Third – NQ4JN23)

Orders must be completed by Tuesday 25th February. You can use one, two or all three codes, depending on how much you do your online shopping. Normal exclusions apply, but full details are on Waitrose’s website.


£15+ of other new customer offers

  • Tesco – Free £10 Tesco voucher when you spend £60+

Tesco doesn’t have a new customer code, but VoucherCodes have a deal where they’ll give you a £10 gift card on your first £60 shop. Valid until Thursday 23rd January.


  • Asda – £6.50 cashback on your first £40 shop

This actually works out the best return. If you have a TopCashback account, click through Asda’s cashback to get £6.50 back on a £40 spend (click & collect or delivery). Cashback might take a while to arrive, and wont be instant like the codes.


Hopefully there’s at least one deal here which will be useful to you. If you’ve used all of these, then maybe try shopping at Aldi or Lidl for a week to see if you like the swaps – as there could be a lot of money to be saved by switching supermarket.

If you’re shopping at Tesco, remember there are coupons in the Tesco magazine (which also work online) and you can get money off your Waitrose shopping on Airtime Rewards.

Will you be using one of these codes? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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1 Comment

  • Laura
    Posted 26th January 2020 at 9:43 pm 0Likes

    I’m going to use the Sainsbury’s one and maybe the Waitrose as I’ve never shopped online with them – plus I can use airtime rewards for the Waitrose shop.

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