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Putting money away for a rainy day is hard for some. Whether you’re building up money for a wedding, a nice holiday, or trying to pay off debts – it’s never easy to find the drive to do it. Luckily with this new app – you can do it without even realising.

Chippin’ hell! I’ve personally been trying to save up an emergency fund recently, and it’s been far easier since finding out about this new mobile app. I downloaded it, and now I’ve forgotten about it – but it’s still stashing away money into a nice little pot.

What is Chip?

If you are notoriously bad at trying to save money, or just want a helping hand putting some money away, you can do it through Chip. This app uses the latest technology to work out what you can afford to put away each week and auto-saves it for you, so you can just forget about it. All of your money will go into a nice little pot towards whatever you need.

Once connected to your account, every week you’ll have money go from your current account to Chip – and it’s mostly a small amount so you don’t realise it’s gone. But before long, you’ll find a healthy pot of cash building up. It was all your cash in the first place – but Chip has done the hard work for you.

Sound like something you need? Here’s how to get started with it (and how to get £10 free):

Download the app

Chip is available to download on the App Store or Google Play from either your mobile or tablet. Once downloaded, fill out a few details to set up your account.

You will be introduced to the app by a chatbot which will guide you through the steps to signing up.

Once you’ve filled out your details, you’ll need to link your card to it (preferably from you current account). It will take £1.01 out of your account just to confirm for security reasons – but you’ll get that back within a week.

Auto-save your cash

Now your card’s linked, you’ll be ready to go and the app will generate it’s first ‘auto-save’. The app has analysed over 180,000,000 transactions, and based off of your age, location and other factors, will determine it’s value (mine was £7.66).

This will be put into your Chip account start to grow your nest egg. Every week, Chip will do the same again and calculate how much to put away for you. You can stop these auto-saves at any time in the app, and you can manually save into your Chip account too, if you had more money to put away.

The average of each auto-save can vary, but they say the average is around £20 for each save, so it won’t take long until you have a healthy sum of money in there. It’s designed to be small enough that you don’t notice, but large enough to grow your kitty.


Chip app - Jordon Cox

Get £10 for free

If you want the £10 bonus for signing up, you can enter the promo code JCOX10 on the ‘account’ tab after you’ve completed these steps. The free £10 will be added to your account automatically 30 days after your second auto-save.

You can withdraw the money from your account at any time and stop auto-saves. It’s all your money, and you have total control over how they use it. Which means if you just wanted to save for the month, and try it out for a free £10 – you can do that. You can also set goals within the app to whatever you’re trying to save for.


Promo code chip
Head over to 'Account' and click on the Promo Code button to add it. Using JCOX10 will get you your free £10.


If you wanted a more accurate experience, you are able to link your bank account to Chip, so it can see a better picture over what money you have to save (don’t worry, this is all above board), but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to).

I hope this helps some of you to start putting away your cash! Even if you save up for a few months, you can still stash away a little cash (and get £10 for free).

Do you think you’ll be spurred on to start building up a nest egg with this clever app? Let me know if you try it and what you think. Hopefully I’ll have built up a sizeable emergency fund myself pretty soon.

If you want some more ways to make extra money, you can’t go wrong downloading Airtime Rewards, and Gener8 Ads is a great way to earn some free Amazon vouchers.

Have you ever used a budgeting app? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.


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