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Yes I know, it’s early, but the cheapest Easter deals usually start early – and this year is no exception. You can pick up 75p Easter Eggs at Tesco.

From Monday 2nd March, you’ll be able to pop into Tesco and get any medium sized Easter Eggs for just 75p each (normally £1.50). It’s only valid on several different brands including are Smarties, Creme Egg, Mini Egg and Malteaser.

Each Easter egg includes a medium sized egg along with a regular bag/bar of chocolate from the brand. The same offer was on a few weeks back too – here is the kind of thing you can expect:


You can get the deal either in store or online, although the offer is only on for a short period of time (it’ll end on Thursday 5th March), so if you wanted to get some, you’ll need to be on the ball.

I think supermarkets do offers this early to make you stock up months in advance, and hope that you lack the willpower to save them till Easter – so you have to buy more. 

If that is their plan – it’s worked on me almost every year! It’s clever, but it’s cheap chocolate, so I’m not complaining.

Are they good value?

Easter eggs are a novelty item, so you’d expect to pay more for them, as they only come round once a year. 

But looking at what you get – it’s actually a good value option. Even if you were just buying chocolate for yourself.

Buying a KitKat Chunky on its own for example costs 60p from Tesco. The bars are only 40 grams, so it means you get 100g of milk chocolate for the equivalent of 15p (which is very good indeed!)

Even the smallest in weight Easter egg (Smarties), buying a singular tube of Smarties at 60p and 100g of chocolate (from 30p), still puts it cheaper to buy the egg.

So if you wanted a cheap chocolate fix, it might actually be better value to buy yourself an Easter egg rather than going down the chocolate aisle.


Hopefully you can bag yourself a few if you’re passing a Tesco in the next few days. Let me know if you get some, or see any more Easter offers in your travels. Would be great to know about them!

While you’re in Tesco, be sure to pick up the coupons from the Tesco magazine, and maybe a free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream too if you’re a new customer on Shopmium.

Have you spotted any bargains recently? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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