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I can’t remember the last time I paid for an eye test (despite not having the best eyes). I always wait until there is a free eye test voucher around for either Boots or Specsavers, and at the moment, there are both.

Whether you need a regular check up, or have never been and fancy making sure – it wont cost you a penny to get your eyes tested.

That’s because right now at Boots and Specsavers, you can get a voucher for a free eye test (usually between £25-29). Here’s how to claim them both:

Free eye test at Boots

To get your free eye test at Boots, you’ll need to head onto their website where a voucher can be found along with instructions of how to book.

You’ll need to either show the voucher on your phone or print it out to take with you, but you’ll need to book the eye test in advance to claim.

There is no pressure to buy any glasses after the test, so you can just go to check your vision and leave. If you do find you need glasses, the same voucher also allows you to get £20 off a £90 spend if you buy a pair in store.

Eye tests at Boots usually cost £25, so to get it free is a decent saving. You can claim one voucher per person too, so your whole family can test their vision, to make sure there are no changes. Here’s what the voucher looks like:


Free eye test at boots

Free eye test at Specsavers (in some stores)

You may need to do a bit of searching with this one. In order to get your free eye test at Specsavers, you’ll need to book an appointment online at a participating store. The voucher can be found on the information page for the store, and can either be printed or shown on your phone to get the discount.

Not every Specsavers gives away free eye tests, so you’ll need to do a search using your postcode for your nearest participating store.

Some stores that give away free eye tests, have the condition that you need to purchase glasses to get it for free, and some just offer eye tests for £10 instead. So in order to get it with Specsavers, you’ll need to do a little trial and error of locations near you.

An easier way to check this might be to view the full list of stores and click around the locations closest to you until you find one. This is what you’re looking for (one that just says ‘Free eye test’):


Free eye test at Specsavers

Eye tests at Specsavers usually cost £29, so even if you can only find one for £10 in your store, it’s still a saving – but obviously not as good as the Boots deal. You can claim this deal until 31st March 2020.


So if you needed an eye test, there are some options there for you to get them for free. Hopefully this helps you, or anyone in your family that might need one. While you’re in town, you can also pick up a free KFC side to have a free lunch too.

Will you be getting a free eye test? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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