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I know… it’s the first day back at work of the year. Christmas cheer is gone and moral has dipped. Luckily you might be able to start 2020 off with a freebie!

Whether you love or hate the food – McDonald’s has offered a lot of freebies in the past, and this year is no exception.

Starting today on selected accounts, you can get a free hot drink at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide via its app – and you have until the end of January to claim it.

You can choose any regular hot drink – including the limited edition ‘Millionaire’s latte’ (worth £2+). Other drinks like tea, black coffee and cappuccino are also included in the deal.

How to claim it

McDonald’s haven’t said yet which accounts will be able to get the freebie, so If you haven’t already downloaded the My McDonald’s app – it might be worth taking a look (it’s available on both iOS and Android).

Once you’ve downloaded, look for the ‘deals’ tab at the bottom of the app, and the free hot drink should be there ready to claim.


McDonald's free hot drink


Once in a McDonald’s restaurant, head over to a self service machine and click on the ‘I have a voucher’ which should appear in the top right of the screen. Scan your QR card from the app and follow the instructions to select which hot drink you want.

There is no minimum spend, so you could just add the hot drink and walk out with the freebie.

You can also claim the deal through mobile ordering by ordering via the app before you get to the restaurant. When you arrive, you’ll get an order number to wait for. Again, you don’t have to purchase anything else – so could just claim the freebie.

This deal expires on the 31st of January and is one per person – so you can sign the whole family up and each walk away with a free cuppa joe!

Some newbies to the app have reported that there are free cheeseburgers for newbies in place of the hot drink – so you may end up getting a snack instead.

There we are – a nice simple deal to get 2020 started! Hope this helps you get through the month!

Did your app have a free hot drink? I’m picking up mine today! I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.


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