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Refer a friend schemes… You’ve probably seen them and overlooked it to not harass your friends – but it could actually be your ticket to a lot of free cash.

Tell your friends and get £5 free

Refer a friend for a free gift

Spread the word for £2 credit

You see things like this all over the web now. All it takes is a quick message to a pal with a link, and you could be making money, but it’s very easy to ignore.

It’s easy to glance over these refer a friend schemes thinking your friends wouldn’t be interested, but it could actually be a money pit for both you and your friend.

Here’s how and some refer a friend schemes that you can profit from:

How To Earn With Refer A Friend Schemes

I don’t have many friends to refer things on to (sob sob) – but if you’re like me, that shouldn’t stop you from earning from them.

If there’s a refer a friend scheme of something I’d genuinely recommend, I send it to my partner and parents. Just for that, it usually gets me three times whatever the bonus is.

If that bonus was £5 for each referral, then thats an easy £15 you’ve made in a short period of time.

Now granted, with a lot of referral schemes, the person being referred has to complete some sort of task to unlock your reward.

This can be either spending a certain amount or just as simple as registering for an account. But either way, it’s not unachievable.

Refer A Friend Schemes To Make You £100s

I know you’re probably itching to start making some money and freebies, so I’ve rounded up a list of different refer a friend schemes that could make you some money.

I’ve rounded up a list of great ones below, where referring one friend to each, will net you £100+

With each, I’ll tell you a little bit about what the app or website does (if you don’t already know), what the requirements are and how much you earn.

I’ll also add in my link/code in case you’ve never signed up before and wanted to get the ball rolling (so thanks for clicking!).

There are three categories – Travel, Food and Drink & Shopping, but we’ll start with my top pick (which also doesn’t really fall into a category).

Trading 212 – Free Share up to £100 each

Trading 212 is a stocks and shares app that you can invest as little as £1 into the biggest companies in the world such as Tesla, Facebook, Google and more.

It’s fee free and you can buy less than one share (e.g 0.1 shares in Tesla) if you don’t want to buy a whole one.


How much can you earn?

You can refer up to 20 friends for a Trading 212 account, and for each one that joins, you both get a free share in a random company, up to the value of £100.

When doing this, I got a free share worth £7, but a friend of mine got a share in AstraZeneca – which was worth £80!

Here’s the sweet bit… you can either keep the share, sell the share for what it’s worth and re-invest it… or pocket the money.

If you get a free share, you are able to withdraw the money from it after 30 days of having the account – so you could just sell the share as soon as you get it (so the value doesn’t go up or down), and withdraw the cash after a month.

This could mean (if you have a few friends to sign up), with a bit of luck, you could be withdrawing £100s.


What are the requirements?

Your friend needs to sign up through your link for a Trading 212 trading account, and deposited £1.

Make sure they click through the link and do it straight away for it to be tracked.

They can either invest this £1, or just have it sitting in their account. After 3 working days, you both get a free share each up to the value of £100.

P.S: You’ll need your National Insurance number to hand to open your account.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re new to Trading 212 and want a free share, you can sign up here, or if you’re already a member find the refer a friend page here.


Secret Escapes Refer A Friend – Up to £26 for you, £15 for friends

Secret Escapes is a discount website for luxury travel, where you can find deals on hotels and holidays around the world – which is usually cheaper than booking through regular sites.

It could also be the ticket to even cheaper deals using the refer a friend scheme.


How much can you earn?

There are two different parts to this. You can earn money for each sign up you get through your link.

For your first 5 sign ups, you get £5 credit, if you sign up 25 friends you get £25 credit, and getting 50 sign ups will net you £50 credit.

When your friends do, they get £15 off their first booking over £100. It’s very easy for friends to sign up too – it’s just putting in an email or connecting a Facebook account.

On top of this, if a friend actually books a hotel, you receive an extra £25 credit. This could mean you’ll be rolling in credit after a while.


What are the requirements?

Friends must sign up through your refer a friend link, and to get credit, you must reach either 5, 25 or 50 sign ups to get £5, £25 or £50 respectively.

You’ll get £25 credit if a referred friend books and completes a stay.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’ve never signed up for secret escapes, you can sign up here and get £15 off. If you are a member, you can refer friends here.

Airbnb Refer A Friend – £23 for you, up to £50 for them

Airbnb could be perfect for a staycation getaway. It’s a website that lets you rent out peoples houses, second homes or lodge houses, and it can work out cheaper than a hotel.


How much can you earn? 

You can refer friends which gives them a voucher code for their first stay. Once they’ve completed it, you earn £23 into your Airbnb balance to use on future stays.

When you refer, your friend gets between £10-40 off their first stay (which is determined by spend), and also a £10 off £40 spend on experiences.


What are the requirements?

Your friend must sign up through your link, and complete their first stay in order to get you the bonus.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re a new Airbnb user, you can sign up here (and you’ll get the discount codes). If you’re already a member, find the refer a friend page here.

Food & Drink

UberEats Refer A Friend – £10 off food each

Uber Eats is the ride sharing app’s answer to Deliveroo. You can order food from a variety of local restaurants, which is delivered to your door.


How much can you earn?

For each friend you refer who enters your Uber Eats referral code, they get £10 off their first order of £15 or more.

You’ll receive a discount of £10 off your next order when your friend completes their first order. So between you, you’ll get £20 off.


What are the requirements?

Your friend must enter the referral code upon signing up, and spend £15 or more on their first order.

You can choose any restaurant and can order at any time.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you want £10 off your first order, you can use the code EATS-THF05 when downloading the app. If you have the app already, find it under the refer a friend tab.

Uber Eats Referral Code Refer a friend scheme

Caffé Nero – 2 free drinks for you 1 for a friend

The popular coffee shop chain has an app that can be very profitable (in terms of caffeine).

It allows you to order coffee through it’s click & collect feature – and you can refer friends to do the same. See the full blog here.


How much can you earn?

For every friend you refer, you get two free drinks of your choice, and they get one.

This could add up to between £4-7 in value, if you went for the higher priced drinks such as the smoothies or hot chocolate.


What are the requirements?

Your friend must download the app through your link, and purchase one drink through the click & collect feature. This then unlocks one free drink for them, and two for you.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re new to the Caffé Nero app, you can sign up here, or check on the app for the refer a friend scheme if you’re signed up.

Caffé Nero App Refer A Friend scheme

Shopmium Referral Code – £3 for you, Free Pringles for your friend

Shopmium is a cashback app which gets you money off or even freebies in the supermarket for taking pictures of your receipt. See the full blog post here.

It’s a good way to save money with the deals, and a great way to make money from the refer a friend scheme.


How much can you earn?

Each friend that you refer through your code, you get £3 worth of credit in the app, which can be used as additional cashback on offers through the app.

Your referred friend gets an offer for a free tube of Pringles, which they can get at most supermarkets. All they’d need to do is buy it, and take a picture of the receipt, and they’ll get 100% of what they spent back.


What are the restrictions?

For each referral, your friend gets the free Pringles, but you won’t get the free £3 until a cashback claim has been out in and accepted by your friend.

You can only refer up to 100 people, so the maximum you can earn is £300 credit.


Where is the link to sign up?

When signing up for an account, enter the code s3i37r to get some Pringles for free. Or find the refer a friend scheme in the app.

Shopmium Referral code scheme friend


Groupon Refer A Friend – Get £6 Free

The deal website Groupon has 10,000s of offers, usually for local businesses that can offer cheaper prices for more people buying.

There are also offers for products posted to you, and travel deals both in the UK and abroad.


How much can you earn?

For each friend that you refer, you get £6 worth of credit when they buy their first Groupon deal. Unfortunately, your friend doesn’t receive anything.


What are the requirements?

They must click through your link to sign up for an account, and spend £6 or more on a deal within 3 days of signing up.

There are plenty of deals for £6 exactly, so if you’re signing up a partner, you can technically get something for free.

You’ll receive your £6 credit into your account within 7-10 days of the deal closing.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re a new Groupon member, you can sign up here. You can refer your friends from this page.

Groupon Refer A Friend scheme

TopCashback – £5 to £25 per friend

TopCashback is a cashback website, where you can earn money for your normal spending. 

By clicking through TopCashback before you buy anything online, you earn a percentage of the money you spend back. See the full TopCashback guide.


How much can you earn?

On a normal day, regular members of TopCashback earn £5 for every friend, while plus members earn £7.50.

However, there are often bonuses that pop up every now and then that give you bonus cashback – up to £25 per friend.


What are the requirements?

Each friend must earn £10 in payable cashback before they get the bonus. They have to sign up through your link too in order for it to track.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up here, or if you have an account, find the refer a friend scheme here.

TopCashback refer a friend scheme

Airtime Rewards – £1.50 each per friend

Airtime Rewards is a cashback app that earns you passive cashback for having it installed and your debit and credit cards linked.

Once you’ve earned enough money, you can withdraw the money to pay off your phone bill. See the full blog here.


How much can you earn?

For each friend that signs up to the app and enters your referral code, you both get 50p bonus.

If they then spend money at an Airtime Rewards retailer within 5 days, you both receive and extra £1 bonus.


What are the requirements?

Your friend must enter your personal referral code while signing up when prompted (which you can find in the app).

To get the extra £1, they can spend at any retailer that gives cashback with a linked card. There’s no minimum spend, so they could buy a 50p chocolate bar in Boots, and make a profit from the bonus.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re new, you can use my code TEMMNEV4 when you download the app. Or search for your code if downloaded.

Airtime Rewards Promo code referral refer a friend scheme

Cox & Cox Refer A Friend – £20 Off £25 Spend

Cox and Cox is an upmarket homeware products website, where you can buy things from furniture, to lighting and mirrors. 

It’s refer a friend scheme is quite generous. Here’s how it works:


How much can you earn?

For each friend that you refer, who clicks through your link and signs up with an email address, they get a £20 off voucher – and so do you.

You have to spend over £25 to use your voucher, but it’ll mean you can get some items almost for just £5 (as they cost £25 normally).

The more people you refer, the more credit you can earn too. And the £20 you earn, can combine the more you refer. So you could be getting £100s to spend on the website by sharing your Cox and Cox referral link.


Where is the link to sign up?

If you’re a new customer to Cox and Cox, use my referral link to get £20 off, or you can sign up to refer friends here.


Hopefully those referral schemes have given you an idea, or even a plan to get things cheaper between you and your other half/parents.

If you have enough friends, and start a referring streak, there is really no limit to how much you could start earning.

Just referring one friend to each of the above schemes, will net you around £100… and if you gain credit for things you’d normally buy – it’s a home run.

Let me know of any other referral schemes that are worth knowing about too in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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