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If you need a stiff drink to get you through January – you may have just lucked out. Wetherspoons has launched its January sale and a number of drinks are included.

This isn’t the first year the famous pub chain has reduced drinks, after a successful sale last year. You can choose from a variety of reduced drinks but the stand outs include sub £2 beers and sub £3 pints of Guinness.

Around my area in Essex (and even more so in London), you’re hard pressed to find pints for less than £3 or £4 – so this is a cracking deal if you’re side stepping Dry January!

How to get it

The January sale is happening from 2nd -16th January in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (3rd-17th in Scotland) and is available at most pubs nationwide (excludes airports).

Prices of the sale drinks have dropped at every pub – so simply head to a pub and drinks will be cheaper than usual.

If you have downloaded the Wetherspoons app, when selecting a pub, it will come up with a ‘January sale’ banner which will give you a list (and also allow you to order if you’re in the pub). You can get the same drinks on sale by just ordering them at the bar too.

The actual prices of drinks vary between pub (some could be cheaper than others), but each has a list of drinks that are included in the sale.

If you are based in a city such as London or Manchester – you may find your drinks may be slightly more expensive that other parts of the country – but the sale still gives you a saving from what it usually costs at your location.

What’s included?

The drinks I found in the sale should be nationwide, but there may be a few exceptions. Be sure to check your local for exact pricing, but most I checked where similar.

Here’s what I found in my local (The Dairyman – Brentwood), and the prices they all were:

Draught beers & ciders
  • Sharps Doom Bar – £1.85
  • Magners – £1.89
  • Shipyard American Pale Ale – £2.35
  • Coors Light – £2.59
  • Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime cider on draught – £2.69
  • Guinness – £2.89
Coldwater Creek wine
  • Chardonnay – £2.70
  • Pinot Grigio – £2.70
  • Merlot – £2.70
  • White Zinfandel Rose – £2.70
  • Gordon’s – £2.80
  • Gordon’s Pink Gin – £2.80
  • Smirnoff – £3.10
  • Peachberry Fizz – £6.20
  • Purple Rain – £6.20
  • Blue Lagoon – £6.20
  • Woo Woo – £6.20
  • Sex on the Beach – £6.20
  • Long Island Iced Tea – £6.20
  • Mango Monster Mash – £6.20
  • The Godfather – £6.20
  • Ginberry Fizz – £6.20
  • Portstar Martini – £6.20
  • Bubblegin – £6.20
  • Ultra Violet – £6.20
  • Absolutely Cherry – £6.50
Low & alcohol free
  • Budweiser Prohibition Brew (Alcohol free) – £1.79
  • Heineken (Alcohol free) – £1.79
  • Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime (Alcohol free) – £1.79
  • Beck’s Blue (Alcohol free) – £1.79
  • BrewDog Nanny Sate (Low alcohol) – £1.79
  • Adnams Ghost Ship (Low alcohol) – £1.79
  • Remedy Kombucha Cherry Plum (Low alcohol) – £1.79
  • Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon (Low alcohol) – £1.79
Soft Drinks
  • R White’s lemonade (330ml can) – 95p
  • Dalston’s Fizzy Rhubarb (330ml can) – 95p
  • Gunna Muscovite Lemonade & Mint (330ml can) – 95p
  • Lavazza iced cappuccino – £1.79
  • Pepsi Max (398ml glass) – £1.85
  • Pepsi Max Cherry (398ml glass) – £1.85
  • Diet Pepsi (398ml glass) – £1.85
  • R White’s lemonade (398ml glass) – £1.85

After writing that full list – I need a stiff drink! I hope this’ll cut the cost of your nights out to start off 2020 on a cheap foot. If you need some hangover food to accompany those drinks, McDonald’s are doing daily deals this January including a 99p Big Mac. If you like cheap drinks, you could get a free hot drink at McDonald’s too this month.

Will you be getting a cheap drink from Wetherspoons? Have you found a good deal recently that I should be writing about? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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