Welcome to JordonCox.com. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me:

At age 15, I started looking for ways to save money after my mom was struggling financially. I turned to coupons to save us money and was soon advising others on how to do the same.

At age 16, I managed to get a £600 shop for just 4p by using my coupons, which caught a lot of attention. The next few years of my life was spent trying to help other people do the same.

I still soldiered through despite a failed business attempt and over 6 months in bed after being diagnosed with a chronic illness – Crohn’s Disease.

Now a 22 year old, I have worked for the past 4 years at MoneySavingExpert, and am now a full time blogger of all things deals and coupons. I write for the biggest financial websites in the UK, national newspapers, regularly give quotes or comments to press and speak around the UK & USA about my money saving and personal experiences.

The one thing about me that you should know, is that I don’t give up. At least someone can be helped out there – and I don’t aim to stop until they are.

Oh… and you may have seen me in the news a few times for finding it cheaper to fly home via Berlin. That was cool!

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Hi there! I’m Jordon Cox, Britain’s Coupon Kid. On my blog you’ll find bargains, travel, my battle with Crohn’s disease and much more. Want to work with me, or say hi?

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