Secrets to Saving: The Ultimate UK Couponing Guide. Available now on Kindle & Paperback

It’s finally here! My new couponing book Secrets to Saving is now available on Amazon!

How often does your supermarket bill come in higher than expected? Wouldn’t you prefer that hard earned money back in your pocket? Jordon Cox, The Coupon Kid is spilling his secrets to saving £1,000s on your supermarket shopping bill. Packed full of tips and funny stories, learn how to get your groceries for free, potentially make a profit and never pay full price again. Follow all the steps to become an extreme couponer and cut over £1,000 a year from your shopping bill, or select what suits your lifestyle to save money at your own pace.

Tips featured in this book include…

– How to get products for free
– How to make a ‘profit’ by using coupons
– How to obtain exclusive high value coupons
– Which magazines and newspapers to look out for
– How to use mobile apps to save at the supermarket
– How to maximise online codes
– How to ‘womble’ for coupons
– How to monitor and predict the next supermarket sales
– And much, much more.

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