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Main courses on their own at restaurants are usually £10+, but what if I said you could get a whole 3 course meal (and a bit of tipple) for just £11.70 each. And that you can get this again… and again… and again?

This deal is for popular Italian restaurant chain Prezzo which can be found at high streets around the country. And yes, you can get this at nearly all times of year. It takes a little bit of effort and planning each time, but the money you save will be worth it.

To simplify the deal, I’ve broken it down into several steps to walk you through it.

Buyagift deal for £29.99

On Buyagift’s website, you can get a gift package or a voucher that entitles you to a 3 course meal + wine for two people, at the price of £29.99.

You can choose to get this in a gift box sent to your house, or an e-voucher sent to your email address (which is free).

I know Buyagift is a gifting website for other people, but there is nothing to stop you buying things for yourself, so that’s exactly what you’ll do here!

The deal has a set menu of items that you have to choose between (which you can view here), but there are still a decent list of items to choose from for starter, main and desert. You can also swap out your wine for any soft drink if you are driving.

The Buyagift deal makes at £15 each already (which is still a saving), but you can still do better…

Find a Buyagift code

There is always a Buyagift code floating around somewhere. You can often find codes on sites such as VoucherCodesMyVouchercodes and VoucherCloud – all having their own exclusive offers at different points throughout the year.

These usually range between 10-25% off, which will get you between £3 to £7.50 off of your total.

At the moment, the best code that I could find was on VoucherCloud which could get you 22% off your basket total. Entering the code VCLR7LXX2Y86 at checkout gets you your Prezzo package for £23.40 (or £11.70 each).

The beauty of this, is that you can keep buying it. Whenever you want to eat at a Prezzo, just go through the same steps. Look for a code, buy the gift and book a table. 

Your price might vary throughout the year, but you’ll still get a 3 course meal for two for a max of £13.50 each  (which is still pretty good).

Final terms to note

It’s worth mentioning, that once you have purchases and have an email sent, you’ll need to go on to the Buyagift website and enter your voucher number to be able to get your deal.

You’ll need to book a table through Buyagift’s website – so you’ll need to know when you want to go (and what time). But once that’s sorted, you wont have to pay when you get there, as it’s already all sorted.

Buying the cheapest items from this set menu (garlic bread, chicken caesar salad, ice cream and wine) costs £21.50 normally – meaning that already a great saving.

Picking the most expensive items on the set menu, add up to £30.90, which will mean you’re saving £19.20 (EACH) on your meal. That is a deal.

I hope this helps you out. And remember, you can do this whenever you fancy a Prezzo… all it needs is a little planning. If this is too much hassle, you can get a ‘free’ coffee or tea at Waitrose which is easier to do!

Will you be getting yourself a Prezzo 3 course meal? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox, or on Facebook.

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