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Printer ink is an expensive and annoying thing to buy. But you’re in luck if you have a HP printer and don’t print that often, as you can get free printer ink delivered to your door when you’re running out.

You might not realise, but printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids to buy. It’s even more expensive than perfumes, whiskey and champagne.

But that might not be the case any more, as you can get free printer ink for your printer every month.

Here’s how it works and how to get it:

Update: From 25 December 2020, the free plan will change to a 99p per month charge. Though you can still get a few months free.

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is a program which automatically sends new genuine HP ink cartridges when yours are running out.

The printer will send its ink levels and print numbers to HP and when they see you need a new HP ink cartridge, they will post one out to you before you run out.

They offer many plan levels so you will easily be able to find one to suit the amount of pages you print each month without breaking the bank.

The first plan level is free, and includes up to 15 pages of free prints a month – so it’s perfect if you only print every now and then.

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HP Instant Ink Monthly Plans

There are several different plans for you to choose from, depending on how much you use your printer.

The free plan gets you 15 prints per month included and if you go over, they’re charged at £1 per 10 prints.

My guess is, they’ll give you these for free, hoping you’ll go over and get charged.

The paid for HP Instant Ink plans are affordable too, starting at £1.99 for up to 50 pages per month, £3.49 for 100 pages per month right up to £16.49 for 500 pages per month.

You can sign up to even larger plans (up to 1500 prints) but I expect these larger plans would be used by businesses.

If you wanted to go for a paid plan, you get 1 month free if you use this link.

The good thing – is that each print is counted as 1 print, no matter if it’s one word in black on a page or if it’s a high quality coloured image. This can be handy if your kids are printing out homework for example.

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How Do I Sign Up?

First thing you need to do is head over to the HP website and select a plan. You can choose the free printer ink plan (up to 15 prints a month), or a paid version which gets you more.

You’ll need to either buy or have one of the HP approved printers, including DeskJet, OfficeJet or ENVY printers (see the full list on their site).

If you have one of these, it should have a HP Instant Ink icon on your printer. Click on it, and you’ll get a page printed with your claim code.

You need to enter this into the HP Instant Ink page when you’re signing up so they can communicate with your printer.

When you sign up for HP Instant Ink, they will send you out a welcome pack which includes one of each ink.

The printer will recognise the ink is from your HP Instant Ink account and your plan will begin.

Hp Instant Ink

Is This Any Good?

Printer ink cartidges for HP printers can be very expensive. For a colour cartridge, it’s £34.99 that’ll last 330 prints (around 10p per print).

Getting 15 prints free a month is great if you’re not a regular printer. When the free prints change to 99p per month from December too – it’s still a cheaper option than a cartridge.

If you sign up to HP Instant Ink and are happy on the plan you choose – there is no catch. Just be sure to take note of how much you are printing however, as if you go over your plan, you pay £1 per page.

If you decide to change to a paid-for level of printing, then you will not be able to reduce your plan back down to the free plan again, so be sure you want to before changing up.


If you have a printer which you seldom use – it’s a great way to save some money on ink if you take out the free printer ink plan (or even the cheapest paid plan).

It’s especially handy not to need to rush down to the shops and buy a £20+ cartridge when you’ve run out.

I hope this saves you money – and let me know if you start printing things for free!

Will you be using HP Instant Ink for free printer ink? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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  • Judie Thomson
    Posted 31st October 2020 at 9:37 am 0Likes

    It appears that things have changed since this was written as 500 page plan not available today.

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