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If you’re a comper or a couponer like me, you likely sign up to A LOT of company newsletters and give companies a lot of data. Here’s a way how you can manage it with Rightly.

Do you get a ton of spam and junk calls, texts and letters which you’d quite like to stop? I do all the time – and this website is something that can help you do just that.

By simply using the web and purchasing online, your personal data will end up everywhere.

By personal data, I mean name, relationship status, financial records and more. This is then bought a single bits of information and sold to ‘data brokers’, who sell your profile to companies.

While GDPR does give you and your personal data much greater protections, it would be fair to say that it just doesn’t go far enough to stop companies buying and selling your data, so having more control over it is always a good thing.

Whether it’s updating your details with companies you need, requesting what information they have or deleting it altogether, you can do it on a website called Rightly.

Here’s how it works:

Rightly – How To Manage Your Data

If you have a company who keeps spam emailing you, texting you, or you just want your data to be completely off their system, you can do that.

Rightly has over 10,000 major companies who you can control data from, including high street chains, energy companies and more.

Let’s take an example. If you keep getting unwanted phone calls from EE, even though you haven’t been with them for years – you can stop it.

Head onto the Rightly website, and search for them in the search bar. Once found, you’re given options for the company to control your data.

Select what you’d like to do with your data, and complete the steps to set up your account.

The case to remove your data will then be sent directly to the company. You should hear back shortly after with what information they have on you, and that it’s been deleted.

You can track your claim on the site, so you can see where the company is at with it, and before long – your unwanted emails and phone calls will soon stop.

If you have multiple companies like this you have problems with, you can submit multiple cases too.

An Easy Way To Change Your Data

If you change address or get married it can be a pain to get in touch with companies to change it. This is specifically true for companies with monthly direct debits you want to keep track of.

There is a feature on Rightly however, where you can do this in bulk. You can send off a request for a change of address or name, by selecting which companies you want to be informed.

You can choose companies like your bank accounts, phone provider and even HMRC, so that you don’t miss anything important.

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What Are The Benefits?

You might be thinking that this is just something you can do manually, by just unsubscribing on emails. But in fact, that’s not always the best option.

Pressing unsubscribe on marketing preferences doesn’t mean that your details are completely removed.

You could still be called, sent things through the post, or still have your email and details on file without sending you marketing.

Using Rightly to unsubscribe and delete your records, means there is no way for them to contact you, and your data is a lot more safe.

With data hacks, customer details leaks and more becoming a bigger problem, there’s no harm in making sure you’re extra safe. 

There are also extra things that you can do on the site relating to your data, including:

Cleaning up your digital footprint

Getting evidence to challenge a fine

Getting evidence to appeal a planning decision

Finding out why you (or your child) were given certain grades


Hopefully this helps you take a bit more control back over what data you give to companies. You can have a go at using the website here.

It’s a great tool to have in your back pocket too, incase you have a bad customer experience and want to remove everything because of it.

Let me know if you’re successful in cutting back the unwanted emails and calls – hopefully you’ll have a bit more peace.

Will you be removing your data from any companies? I’d love to know who in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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