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Costa has always been a British favourite – but it’ll now even more of a favourite with a massive reduction in price. You can grab a coffee this month for mere pence… here’s how to do it.

Starting this month, a mixture of discounts will combine together to get your coffee (and other food and drink choices) for much cheaper.

So whether you fancy packing up your laptop and working from a change of scenery, or wanted a cheap coffee while doing some shopping – here’s how you stack multiple deals to get a cheap coffee.

How to get a 32p coffee at Costa

As you know, to compensate from the nationwide lockdown this year, there are a lot of discounts and deals available to customers to encourage spending again.

This one is no different – except you’ll be combining a number of different deals together to get a super cheap price for your brew.

This deal works by combining the VAT reduction in restaurants announced by the Chancellor, the government’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out‘ scheme, and also bringing along your reusable cups from home.

1) Order a £1 filter coffee

On the Costa menu, you’ll find a wide range of drinks, but if you want the cheapest caffeine fix, you can find this in the filter coffee.

Make sure you go for a small coffee, and it’s priced on the menu at £1.

This won’t be the most amazing taste sensation you’ve ever had, but if you’re a coffee lover, this will do just fine.

2) Bring your reusable cup

The discounts for bringing a reusable cup are still on, and will save you a bit of bob.

Get them to pop your £1 filter coffee into your own cup, and you’ll get an extra 25p discount on your drink.

This will take your total cost down to 75p for your drink. But we’re not stopping there…

3) VAT reduction of 15%

On the 8th July, the Chancellor announced a reduction in the VAT rate from 20% to 5%, in order to stimulate the hospitality sector.

In a lot of restaurants and hotels, the 15% cut is either partially or wholly passed on to the consumer, to encourage people to spend again.

With Costa, this is no exception. Costa announced they would be passing all 15% of the VAT cut on to the consumer.

This 15% VAT cut is passed onto you when paying at the till, bringing your 75p spend down to 64p (around 11p off).

Costa Coffee 32p coffee VAT reduction

4) 50% off – Eat Out To Help Out 

Also announced by the Chancellor, was the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme (for full info on how it works – see my blog here).

This gets you 50% off on up to £10 off your food and drink per person in restaurants which sign up to the scheme.

The scheme is valid Monday – Wednesday throughout the month of August. So to get the cheapest price – you’ll need to go early in the week.

Costa is one of these restaurants involved in the scheme. That means, you get 50% off of your purchase while in store too – and yes, it stacks with everything that’s mentioned above.

The total has already dropped to 64p with the first few discounts, but an extra 50% off means you’ll drop the price even further to just 32p.

There we have it! Using these discounts means you’ll be sipping on a coffee for just a few pence.

This may sound like a lot to remember, but the discounts are passive – so you don’t have to remember to bring any coupons or scan anything. It’s a straight forward deal to get your caffeine for mere pence.

I hope this deal helps you as always. If you’re worried about sitting in, you’re able to get the deal with takeaway and also drive-thru options where available.

Will you be grabbling a cheap coffee this August? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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