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There’s nothing better after waking up in the morning than stuffing your face with as much food as you can – and that’s why all you can eat breakfast buffets are a personal favourite of mine.

Some of them can be very good value for the amount of food you’re getting too. If I’m at home, I either have a bowl of cereal or slice of toast. At all you can eat breakfast buffets however – I have cereal and toast as my starter… followed by as many bacon and hash browns I can fit on my tiny plate!

This love of breakfasts inspired me to round up all of the cheap breakfast buffets you can find at restaurants around the country – and there are some great options here. Be warned… this may make your tummy rumble:

Toby Carvery all you can eat breakfast

Adults: £4.29 – £4.49

Kids: £2.79 – £2.99

Unlimited tea/coffee: £2.29

Served from: Mon-Sat: 8am-11am, Sun: 8am-10.30am

Contains all your breakfast favourites and you can fill your plate as high as you want. Toby Carvery restaurants are everywhere, meaning an easy place to get to. An added bonus too – you can have one of their signature Yorkshire Puddings and Toby’s breakfast gravy.

Crown Carvery unlimited cooked breakfast

Adults: £4.29

Kids: £3.29

Unlimited tea/coffee: £1.69

Served from: 8am-11.30am

There are 41 Crown Carvery restaurants around the country dishing up the staples including fried bread, back bacon and British pork sausages.

Harvester unlimited breakfast

Adults: £4.99

Kids: £3.29

Unlimited tea/coffee: £1.69

Served from: 9am-11.30am

There are 220 Harvester restaurants around the country dishing up the staples including fried bread, back bacon and British pork sausages.

Frankie & Benny’s unlimited refills (Fri-Sun)

Adults: £3.99 to £11.29

Kids: £3.99

Unlimited tea/americano: £2.49

Served from: 9am-12pm

There are over 250 Frankie & Benny’s restaurants nationwide and do suprisingly good breakfast. A voucher valid every week on it’s ‘offers’ section of the site will get you a free plate refill on any breakfast item. The plate must be clean or close to it, in order to get a second however.

If you want a midweek breakfast, using Meerkat Meals Sunday to Thursday will get you 2for1 on breakfast so you can cut your costs that way.

Ikea £1.50 breakfast

Adults: £1.50 (for six item breakfast)

Kids: £1.15 (for three item breakfast)

Tea/filtered coffee: Free

Served from 9.30am-11am

If you are signed up to Ikea Family Club, you can grab a six item breakfast for £1.50 and a free filter coffee every weekday before 11am. Although it isn’t unlimited, you could go up and get another plate for £1.50 if you were that hungry. You can only claim a free tea/coffee once a day however, so will have to pay 40p for another if you were extra thirsty. So although this isn’t unlimited, you can eat plenty of food for a very cheap price.

There are plenty of other places to pick up a buffet breakfast, such as hotels and hotel bars, however the ones featured above offer the best price and have the most locations around the country.

So what do you think of my list? Where is your favourite place to have a cheap buffet breakfast? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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  • Judy
    Posted 14th August 2020 at 11:54 pm 0Likes

    Yeah yeah we got an *EYE* on them too

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