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It’s something we do each and every day. Life is always throwing up questions that we turn to Google for answers. But did you know you could get paid to search the web?

It almost seems too good to be true – earning money from something that we do without thinking about each day.

But there are several ways to earn money and basically get paid to search the web.

Unfortunately, it wont make you a millionaire (although that would be cool wouldn’t it?). Though you’ll likely end up earning around £10+ each month – which is nothing to be sniffed at.

Here are a few ways for you to make money while browsing the web:

Qmee – Get Paid To Search The Web

Qmee is a way for you to earn money from your searches of Google, Safari, eBay and more.

It’s a browser extension download, which then can track when you search for something and show you a few ads to monetise it for you.

You’ll earn a small amount for each search you complete, and if you click on a Qmee advertised link, you earn between 5-15p for each click.

So it may take a few seconds out of your day, but do this once or twice a day, and the money will soon add up.

Qmee Google Search Get Paid To Search The Web

It’s reasonable to earn around £5 a month from this, although if you’re a heavy internet user, you could expect to earn £10+.

You can redeem the cash at any time via PayPal, so it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash.

Qmee is also a site for surverys and other tasks that earn you money – if that’s something you’re interested in, but you can just do the web searching to earn money.

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Gener8 – Earn Money Through An Ad Blocker

I’ve been using Gener8 for a while – and earned loads from it.  Not to mention it makes browsing the web much nicer.

Install the Gener8 browser plugin for Google Chrome or Firefox, and they will replace all adverts that you see on the web with their own.

Usually they place ‘feel good’ pictures in its place, such as pugs, holiday images and inspirational quotes.

And, instead of money from a viewed advert going to the website, it goes to you (in the form of tokens).

Here’s what a website will look like with the replaced Gener8 tokens:

Gener8 Ads in action

For each Gener8 picture or advert you see, you earn some tokens that can be used in its own marketplace.

You can trade your tokens for rewards, such as a £5 Amazon voucher, prize such as an Echo Dot or Anker headphones, or a charity donation.

The ultimate goal for Gener8 is to pay people in real money – so hopefully that should be coming soon too.

You can easily earn enough tokens for a £5 Amazon voucher in around a week – so you could be earning quite a bit before long.

For the full information about how Gener8 works – see the full details.

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Microsoft Rewards – Bing Searches

If you’re not a fan of Google, and like your Microsoft/Xbox products – this is a great way to earn rewards.

If you are signed up to Microsoft Rewards, you can get paid up to 5 points a day for completing Bing searches (which includes on mobile too).

Once you have collected enough points, these can be traded for competition entries, Microsoft store credit and more.

To trade for £5 worth of credit, you’ll need to be consistent (and perhaps earn rewards other ways as well), as you need over 6,000 for a voucher.

I am an avid Xbox player – so this comes in handy to boost my Microsoft Rewards balance. Sorry Playstation fans – there’s nothing like this for you. Should’ve bought an Xbox!


Hopefully you can start earning a little bit of extra cash while you’re doing your searching and scrolling. It is possible to get paid to search the web.

I’m always looking for ways to make some extra cash online – so if you have any of your own, please do drop them in the comments below!

Will you be using any of these ways to get paid to search the internet? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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