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Not very often do you basically get paid for taking out a free trial, but this offer gets you 2 months free and a £10 Amazon voucher – which nets you a £2 profit.

Back in the day, I used to love flicking through a magazine. As a kid, I used to fill out the Take A Break puzzles for my mum to send off, and try and win prizes.

Well now, there’s a way you can get Take A Break, Hello, Cosmopolitan, Ok and over 5,000+ other magazines on your phone or tablet for you to read – saving you going out to the shops to buy them.

And what’s better, is that you get it for 3 months, and even profit a little from it. Here’s what Readly is, and how to get the deal: 

What is Readly?

As everything is going digital, why shouldn’t your magazines too? This is what Readly does – where you have access to pretty much every magazine you can think of.

You can pick up and put down any magazine and issue that you want all from your phone or tablet, for a monthly subscription (but you get it free with this deal).

Magazines can be found through its app to read whatever you like, or you can access them from your computer.

You are able to download magazines too, so you are able to read them on the go. It’s handy if you’re on a train or plane where you may not have WiFi.

2 Month Free Readly Subscription + £10 Amazon Voucher

It’s quite simple to get the deal. Readly is currently offering a free 2 month trial for signing up – which usually costs £7.99 a month. But on top, they’re giving you a £10 Amazon Voucher.

To get the voucher, you’ll need to use the free 2 month trial, and then pay for 1 month subscription at the start of the 3rd month. But as soon as the money comes out, you’ll be sent a £10 Amazon voucher.

So even though you spend £7.99, the voucher pays for your 3rd month, and you make £2.01 profit on the subscription.

If you don’t receive any emails or confirmation – don’t worry. Your sign up will be tracked, and you’ll still receive the 2 months free and voucher.

You set up a direct debit when you sign up for the 2 month free trial, but no money is taken until the 3rd month – but of course, you’ll receive the Amazon voucher to counteract it.

After you’ve received the £10 Amazon voucher, there’s nothing to stop you cancelling right then, as you cancel at any time.

So although you’ll have £7.99 taken out on your 3rd month of subscription (which would be November), you’re given an Amazon voucher to more than pay for the cost – which is as good as cash for most people.

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Terms & Conditions

This deal is available to anyone who hasn’t signed up for Readly before. You can get the deal until the end of September.

You must click through the special deal page in order to get the £10 Amazon voucher, as there are other offers for just a 2 month trial.

Although it’s a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time to stop yourself from being billed.

You can cancel at the end of your 2 month free trial too to stop it from taking any money, but you miss out on your £10 Amazon Voucher.

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Whatever your favourite magazine is, you can enjoy 3 months worth of issues for free – and probably enough reading that’ll keep you busy for a while.

I hope this deal saves you money as always. I wont be offended if you start reading the magazines more than my blog!

Will you be getting your 2 months free and £10 Amazon voucher? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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