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If you still like browsing through the morning paper, you can earn money for it. With MyMail rewards, you earn points for reading The Daily Mail.

Newspapers seem to be fast becoming a thing of the past, but there are still plenty of benefits to having a physical paper in your hand.

Another benefit is actually making money from it! If you’re a Daily Mail reader, you can start collecting points on the MyMail online rewards portal.

Do this daily, and you’ll end up earning between £20-40 a year. Which is a nice little bonus.

Here’s how it works and how to start earning Daily Mail online rewards with MyMail:

What is the Daily Mail MyMail Rewards Club?

The Daily Mail is running a loyalty scheme which rewards The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday readers by awarding Nectar points for every newspaper that you buy.

They’re partnered with Nectar and provide a surprisingly large amount of Nectar points given the cost of the newspaper, making it one of the cheapest way to earn Nectar points.

Collecting the Nectar points through the MyMail rewards doesn’t take much time, and is just cash in the bank if you’re already a Daily Mail reader.

The next time you buy a Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, check on the back of the newspaper you will find your MyMail Unique Code. It looks like this:

Once you’ve got that code, head onto the Daily Mail online rewards website, where you can enter it and earn points from your newspaper.

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How To Sign Up To Daily Mail MyMail Rewards

To begin to collect Nectar points through The MyMail rewards, you need to sign up for or log in to a MyMail account. You can do that by going to the sign in and register page.

Once you’ve signed up or signed in, you will be given the opportunity to link your MyMail account with your Nectar card, or sign up for a Nectar card. Follow the prompts through depending on your circumstances.

Once you’ve connected your MyMail account with your Nectar Card, you will be sent back to the MyMail page with your balance and it will be waiting for you to enter your first MyMail Unique Code.

If you need some extra help, MyMail has made a 2 minute help video to show you how to connect your MyMail account with your Nectar Account.

How many points can I earn?

Once you’ve signed up to the Mail Online Rewards Club, you can start earning points for your papers!

If you’re a reader of the paper each day, you will earn 80 Nectar points each week. And of course, this will add up quickly for loyal readers.

Here’s the breakdown of how much you earn each day:

  • For every Daily Mail newspaper you buy on a weekday (Monday to Friday), you will earn 5 Nectar points, which would total 25 each week.
  • On a Saturday, your Daily Mail newspaper unique code will be worth 10 Nectar Points.
  • The Mail on Sunday unique code is worth 15 Nectar points.
  • If you buy 5 newspapers or more in one week, MyMail will reward you with an additional 30 Nectar points (not including the purchase of The Mail on Sunday).

MyMail Rewards Online Daily Mail Nectar Points Earning For Newspaper

As mentioned before, if you buy all 7 newspapers each week, you will earn 80 Nectar points per week.

This will add up to 345 Nectar points per month.

If you bought a paper every day of the year – then thats 4,160 Nectar Points every year – just by buying your usual newspaper.

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How Much Are Nectar Points Worth?

Nectar points are normally worth 0.5p per point, which means 100 points equals 50p, 1,000 points is £5, and so on.

By getting your Daily Mail and  collecting Nectar points, MyMail rewards will earn 2.5p per weekday Daily Mail paper, 5p per Saturday paper and 7.5p per The Mail on Sunday.

The extra 30 Nectar points reward for buying 5 or more papers, will give you another 15p. If you were to buy all the newspapers in one week, you would earn a total of 40p per week in Nectar points.

So, if you read the paper every single day, those 4,160 Nectar points if used normally would be worth £20.80 in credit to use at Sainsbury’s.

But there is a way to max this. If you participate in its ‘double up’ promotion, or exchange for a better offer, they could be worth up to £41.60.

Other Ways To Earn Nectar Points

Although MyMail rewards is a great way to earn points if you buy a Daily Mail newspaper, but if it’s just Nectar points you’re after there are plenty of other ways to collect them.

Be sure that you’ve connected your eBay account and your Nectar card, as when buying through eBay you can collect points.

Whenever you’re buying a holiday through Expedia, if you put in your Nectar card number before you buy, you can earn 200 points for a hotel, or 2,000 points for a holiday package. This is worth £1 and £10 respectively.

Also, have a look at the weekly Sainsbury’s Nectar in store rewards, which will earn you extra points for buying certain items.

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Benefits Of The Daily Mail Rewards Club

Having a MyMail account also offers many other rewards as well as giving you a cracking return in Nectar points.

They offer rewards and discounts such as money off brands and even giving away free coffee, and also offer competitions.

They have a whole page dedicated to MyMail and Nectar offers which you can take full advantage of just by being a MyMail rewards account holder.

There may be pop up freebies and promotions that appear from time to time too – as MyMail used to be a place to print off coupons.

Conclusion – Daily Mail MyMail Rewards

I hope this has helped you understand how the MyMail online rewards scheme works. If you’re a regular reader, or can snatch a newspaper code from your office, this could add up to a nice amount.

If you do start collecting points, and buy something nice with you Nectar points, be sure to let me know! It can be a nice little side earner for anyone who reads the paper.

Will you be claiming MyMail rewards points? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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