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From free Pringles, to tissues, to 50% off cat food – Shopmium is a supermarket cashback app which you can’t afford to miss.

Cashback apps on your phone have become the new coupon. Gone are the days that you could take lots of paper coupons into the supermarket. 

There seem to be less and less of them nowadays. However, this new app called Shopmium will give you a glimmer of money saving hope.

Shopmium is a wallet of digital coupons that you can claim from one app. There’s nothing to scan, and no paper to fumble around with, all you need to do to claim your money back is take a picture.

My experience

I recently popped to Asda with a list of items from the app that I would use (because buying things for the sake of the cashback is just a waste).

My list included some frozen food, cheese, tissues and some biscuits. In total, I picked up 12 items which came to £24.98 at the till (yikes).

Once home, I took a picture of my receipt and items, and got a respectable £8.25 in cashback – all for things that I’d eat, or usually buy. Happy days!

Shopmium Cashback App plus promo code

So for this shop, my total went from £24.98, down to £16.73. That includes the biscuits and tissues as total freebies thanks to the offers.

Want to know more? Here’s a full breakdown of how it works:

Download Shopmium & enter promo code

Shopmium is available on the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded fill out your details to create an account. 

If prompted for a referral code, entering S3i37R will get you a free tube of Pringles in any flavour (though you must claim within 14 days).

Look through offers

Once signed up, you should be greeted by an offers page with a list of different items. The deals you can get are either one of four things:

  • ‘Free’ – (where you get all of your money refunded) 
  • ‘50% off’ (where half of what you pay is refunded)
  • ‘£1 off’ (where a certain amount is given back to you, regardless of cost)
  • ‘Try for £2.50’ (where you’ll be refunded any money you spend over that amount)

You won’t actually know what kind of offer each product is until you click on it, and most of them are only valid in certain supermarkets – so be sure to look at each one.

If you see something you like the look of, make sure you check which supermarket you can buy it from and head off to purchase it. 

Make sure these are things you were going to buy anyway, or if it’s free, something you’ll use.

Right now, some of the offers you can get include free Arla kid’s yoghurt, free sparkling water, free juice shots, 50% off Iams cat food, and 50% off Sure deodorant.

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Shopmium deals

Claim your Shopmium cashback

Once you’ve gone to a shop and bought the item (or items) listed – you can now claim your cashback. 

Make sure you kept your receipt to prove you bought the product – because you’ll need it for the next step.

To claim your cashback, click on the piggy bank at the bottom of your app screen, and select to ‘request my cashback’.

You’ll then be prompted to take a full length picture of your receipt (to prove you bought it), and then scan the barcode of the item(s) you’re claiming cashback for.

Once you have submitted your cashback claim, it should be approved within two days. 

What’s handy with Shopmium is all the money from a claim is deposited into a chosen PayPal account. 

There’s no minimum withdrawal – everything is transferred to you as soon as it’s approved, regardless of the amount.

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Shopmium how to claim

Refer a friend scheme

One other thing to note that’s particularly good is its refer a friend scheme. If you have a spouse or friend who would be interested in this app – you can refer them and they will also receive a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s to claim.

In return for you referring them, you will also receive a £3 bonus (once they’ve claimed their first deal). You can refer up to 100 friends too (if you have that many).

To claim the £3 which you’ll earn from your friends, this will be given as a bonus when you next claim cashback. 

If you buy a product that has ‘£1 cashback’, but you still ended up paying £3 for the item – Shopmium will give you the extra £3, as you have it in a bonus. This could mean you get some extra free food yourself!

If you wanted to get the ball rolling with the refer a friend scheme, you can use my code S3i37R to start off and get your free ice cream.

I hope this Shopmium review helps you to save a little money on your shopping! 

Before you head out to the supermarket – it’s worth having a check on this app in case you can get anything for free. 

P.S: If you like cashback, check out my TopCashback Guide – where you can earn £75 in profit.

Have you ever used Shopmium? Are there any other apps you suggest people use? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.


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1 Comment

  • Kevin Friend
    Posted 29th August 2020 at 7:10 am 0Likes

    It’s worth remembering that if products are free, even if you don’t want them they could always be donated to food banks/veterinary practices. Also, I thought JobSpotter had ceased operating???

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