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There is no better feeling than getting a good deal, or getting money back from a purchase. And because of this, TopCashback UK is one of my favourite websites. Here’s how it works – and how to max it.

You may have seen the adverts, heard it on the radio or seen it on social media. There’s a website that gets you cashback on your online shopping, and all it takes is a few clicks.

We Brits are always sceptical, so you may have come across it and thought it was a scam, or too good to be true. I’m guilty of it too when I first heard of the concept.

But I can tell you now, that all of my friends and family, and of course myself, have used it and can confirm it’s a great site to be aware of.

Whether you buying your next outfit, renewing your car insurance or booking your next holiday, you can get money back on it that you might not have expected.

TopCashback UK – How much have I earned?

I’ve been using TopCashback for around eight years. When I first became aware of this site, I was only 15 years old, so instead had my mother set up an account.

I have personally had an account for a total of five years (so not as much time), but I’ve still found great use out of it.

As an 18 to now 23-year-old, I don’t have the same bills and expenses as perhaps a parent…

I don’t drive a car, I still live with my mother, and I never really buy clothes. So I may not have earned as much as other people would have done in this time.

But nevertheless, I’ve still used it a great deal, and it’s meant I’ve seen hundreds of pounds back in my pocket, which otherwise would’ve gone to the big companies.

Here is my grand total in cashback earned so far:

TopCashback total earned

A total of over £750, which is no small amount. This money can go a long way for a lot of people – myself included.

This was achieved by buying Christmas presents, birthday presents, holidays, hotels and a sprinkle of other things.

That wasn’t hard to get either, it was all just remembering to do a quick search of the site before buying anything online – and it added up to this.

Fancy getting started, but still a little confused about how it works? I’ve got you covered.

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What can you claim cashback on?

There are far too many retailers listed on the site to name in this blog – but near enough every company you can think of will give you cashback.

Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, Tesco, Asos, Curry’s… the list goes on.

There are even things you can claim cashback on which you might never have thought about.

Applying for a new credit card, renewing any kind of insurance, buying a new phone contract, or getting a takeaway. All of these things can get you cashback on what you spend.

It’s worth having a look for yourself at the categories to see if there’s something there that you can get use from.

How do you claim cashback on TopCashback?

In order to get yourself money back for your normal spending, you’ll have to follow a few steps – but it shouldn’t take you too much time.

First off, if you don’t already, you need to sign up for a TopCashback account. It’s free to sign up, and you’ll need to fill out a bit of information about yourself.

Bonus: If you sign up between 4th-7th September, you get a £5 bonus for signing up, and earning £10 of cashback.

Once you’ve signed up, and linked a method of payout (either bank account or PayPal), you’re ready to start claiming cashback.

Now your account is set up, whenever you’re about to purchase something online, before you buy, go onto the TopCashback website to see if that retailer offers cashback.

Let’s look at an example. If you wanted to claim cashback on your next order at Asos, you can search for it through the categories tab, or find it in search.

As you can see, you can claim up to 10% cashback on your order – meaning if you spent a total of £50, you’ll have £5 heading back to your TopCashback account.

In order to get it, click through the appropriate link and it’ll take you to the retailer’s website.

By clicking through, your transaction will be tracked to see if you make a purchase.

TopCashback tracked click

Carry on with your shopping as usual, and pay for your items. Once paid, TopCashback will track this, and begin the process of claiming cashback for you.

And then you wait! The only thing you need to do, is remember to click through the TopCashback links before you buy anything online, and then you’re in the money.

How much can you earn?

Depending on which retailer you shop through, you can earn a different amount of cashback.

Each retailer has a different way of giving you cashback. Some of them give you a percentage of your spend, and others give you a fixed amount.

If you’re looking to book a hotel, expect to save around 10% – which can add up to a lot of money for longer stays.

For most general High Street shopping, you can get around 5-10% back (which if used throughout the year, will be a huge amount).

When purchasing insurance, you can get up to £50 in cashback, depending on your spend – but any cashback is better than nothing.

Of course, for the percentage cashback deals, the bigger the purchase, the higher your cashback, so if you have a big spend coming – be sure to remember to click through.

As an example, I purchased a whole holiday to Dubai (hotel and flights) via Expedia, and clicked through TopCashback. The spend was nearly £2,000, and I claimed 5.5% cashback.

It may not sound like a lot of cashback, but on a £2,000 spend, it got me over £100 in cashback – which went towards paying for a few meals while in the Middle Eastern sun.

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How do you get your money back?

Once you have clicked through and your cashback has been tracked to your account, you’ll have to wait for your cashback to become payable.

When logging in, you can see how long it will take for your cashback to land into your account. Generally, this takes around 2-3 months, but can be quicker… or a lot longer.

Once your cashback is payable, you have an option for how you’d like the money back. You can opt for cash, which will go to your bank account or PayPal account – or instead you can exchange for vouchers.

Exchanging for vouchers actually gets you a bonus on what you’ve earned. You can get between 2-15% bonus on your cash for switching to vouchers.

Voucher selection

You can swap to supermarket vouchers such as Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for a 5% bonus on your money.

For restaurants such as Toby Carvery & Harvester, you can get a 15% bonus on what you’ve earned.

There are plenty of other options such as Amazon, Uber, B&Q, Xbox Live and Costa Coffee.

Once you’ve selected an option, you should receive your payout in 2-3 business days.

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TopCashback Classic VS TopCashback Plus

Once you sign up to TopCashback, you have the option of 2 different accounts – classic or plus.

To upgrade to the plus account, it costs you £5 per year (which is taken out of cashback earnings), but gets you higher rates of cashback.

If you’re a ‘Plus’ member of TopCashback, it’ll mean you get a cashback boost of between 1-10% on top of the normal rate, for all retailers that don’t have exclusive rates.

This increase, will mean you get more cashback throughout your purchases.

You also get a bonus in referral money, if you were to refer a friend. Classic members get £5 per person for referring someone, but ‘Plus’ members get a higher £7.50 per person.

Classic VS Plus

As cashback amounts vary so much on the site – it’s hard to put an amount on it for how much you’ll need to spend to break even on your £5 investment for TopCashback Plus.

I’d probably say, if you think you’ll be spending £100+ a year through TopCashback, then its worth it. Even more so if you know you have a big purchase coming up.

But if you think you’ll just claim cashback every now and then, or don’t trust yourself to remember, then stick to classic. It won’t affect your user experience.

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Earn £10+ without spending a penny

Whether you’re new to TopCashback, or a veteran like me, there a few cashback offers that you should be aware of, where you can get cashback without spending a penny.

There are several ‘free cashback’ deals, where by signing up to websites, you get cashback – instead of spending through them.

By going through the ‘free cashback’ offers below, you can claim up to £10.25 in free cash. Here’s how:


  • Experian – £4 free cashback

If you’ve never signed up for a free Experian credit check (which you should do if you haven’t), you can get £4 in cashback.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, and get your score. Once that’s done – £4 is on it’s way to you.


  • Tastecard – £4 free cashback

This deal requires signing up for a free trial in order to claim £4 in free cashback.

Tastecard is a restaurant card that gets you 2for1 on meals in selected restaurants.

To get the cashback, sign up for a 2 month free trial, and you’ll get the money.

It’s worth noting with this – if you don’t cancel your membership to Tastecard, you’ll get charged. So please remember to cancel if you won’t use it.


  • 20 Cogs – £1.20 free cashback

20 Cogs is a survey website, in which you earn money from filling out reviews and surveys.

While these sites can be tedious to earn money from – the cashback is easy.

Sign up for an account, and you’ll get your £1.20 into your cashback account.

You don’t need to complete any surveys to get your cash – just creating an account (even if you don’t use it).


  • Testers Keepers – 75p free cashback

You cant retire on it, but you can claim 75p cashback for signing up to an account with Testers Keepers.

It’s a product review website, where you’ll get sent things to review – but just setting up an account is enough to get this freebie.

Profit £70+ from these TopCashback offers

TopCashback also has a number of offers where it may require a spend, but the cashback you earn pays for it, and pushes you into profit.

You may not be able to do all of these, but if you did, you’d end up with over £70 in profit just from 5 offers.

Warning: Some of these profitable offers are gambling offers. If you’re one that’s likely to get addicted, or spend more than you should – it’s probably best avoided.


  • Giff Gaff – £4 profit

When ordering and activating a new SIM through Giff Gaff, you’ll earn £10 in cashback.

Giff Gaff is a provider where you can scale up or scale down packages monthly, and they start from £6 a month on a SIM only deal.

There’s nothing to stop you ordering a SIM, signing up to the £6 a month contract, and cancelling after the month is up. This will net you £4 in profit.


  • – up to £14.31 profit

If you’re single and looking for love – you can make a profit for signing up for a subscription.

A 6 month subscription to the dating website costs £9.99 a month (£59.94 over the 6 months).

But on TopCashback, if you click through their link to sign up, you can get £74.25 cashback.

This would mean a profit of £14.31 – and 6 months of trying to find your soul mate for free.

If you didn’t want to commit to that long, a one month subscription for £29.99 will make you a small profit of £3.01, as you can claim £33 cashback.


  • Betfair Casino – £20 profit

If you sign up to Betfair Casino, deposit and wager £20 on the casino games & slots, you’ll get £40 in cashback.

So as a worst case (if you lose your £20 you spend), you’ll be £20 in profit. Though, you only have to wager through £20 worth, so if you win any back, it adds to your profit.

Keep playing games and add up your spend until you get to £20 spent – then withdraw the rest.

If you play through £20 on the roulette table at £1 each spin, and just bet on red or black (giving you a 50/50 chance).

By the rule of averages, you should keep some, if not all of your original money.

And the more you win, the more profit you make!


  • William Hill Bingo – £25 profit

Creating an account with William Hill bingo and depositing/spending £25 on bingo is all you have to do with this one.

Once you’ve wagered £25, you’ll be receiving £50 in cashback… making you a minimum of a £25 profit.

Of course, if you win any of the bingo games you enter into, then you could make a bit more.

Make sure it’s only bingo you’re spending on too – as there are other games which wont add to your amount spent.


  • Paddy Power Games – £10 profit

Depositing £10 on Paddy Power Games and spending £10 on one of its slots or games, will get you £20 cashback through TopCashback.

So whether you win or lose, you’ll be £10 in profit through the offer.

TopCashback App

If you’re a mobile user, there is an app that you can download, so you can earn cashback through your phone too.

The app is available for iOS and Android phones, and it works the same way as the desktop version of the site.

When you click through a link on the app, it takes you to an in-app browser when you can complete your shopping.

You can also check your cashback, and whether it’s payable within the profile section.


TopCashback apps


TopCashback Trick or Treat 2020 Giveaway

During special holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter and the starts of each season, TopCashback holds a competition that gives you a chance to win yourself free cash.

This usually ranges from 10p up to £1,000 in cash – and to win, you have to do some searching around the website for prizes.

The TopCashback Trick Or Treat giveaway is currently on now. Have a look at my blog to see how it works – and the answers to the daily clues.


There you have it – a full guide to TopCashback, and a few ways to max your cashback if you’re already a member

I hope this guide has been helpful, and it’s opened your eyes to a new world of discounts and savings.

Just like if you see the ‘discount code’ tab when buying online and search on Google for one, you should be searching for cashback too.

If you start to make a decent amount from cashback – be sure to let me know! I’d love to know how much you save.

If you like cashback, there are a few other apps which should interest you too. Here’s an app that you can stack with TopCashback, and one that gets you cashback on your supermarket shopping.

Do you use TopCashback UK? Will you be using it in the future? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_cox or on Facebook.

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