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It’s something that couponers wait for every single month… The Tesco magazine is released at the start of each month and inside are money off vouchers. Here are the coupons in the Tesco Magazine March 2020.

Both the January & February coupons in the Tesco magazine weren’t that inspiring… so there were certainly high hopes for something better this month.

From first glance… things look a little better. There are 6 for you to choose from this month, compared to the 4 in February.

3 of the 6 coupons have online codes, so you can use them as part of your online shopping, but all of them have rather short expiry dates of Friday 29th March.

Here are the coupons in the magazine this month, and a little analysis of how good it is:

Tesco magazine March 2020 coupons

  • 50p off Yeo Valley Natural Top (350g) – Online code: N/A

These are currently priced at £1 each (reduced from £1.50 until Tuesday 17th March). This means the 50p off coupon means you’ll pay 50p per yoghurt.

Analysis: This is the best deal in the Tesco Magazine I’ve seen in a while. Classic deal stacking with the coupon makes it a bargain price. Perhaps not one to stockpile as yoghurt easily goes off, but it’s a great deal if you’re shopping for yoghurt.


  • £1.50 off Loctite Extreme Glue (50g) – Online code: GRJL4F

Currently on offer for £4 (reduced from £6 until Wednesday 25th March). This makes the product £2.50 after the coupon.

Analysis: If you’re in the market for a strong glue – this is quite cheap for this brand, as it’s over 50% off. Other superglues that are only 5g are price at £3, so you could get a good amount for less with this coupon.


  • 75p off Gem Twin Pack Avocado – Online code: N/A

Priced at £3, so after your 75p off coupon, it’ll cost £2.25.

Analysis: These are ripe and ready to eat gourmet avocados. They are generally quite expensive to start with, but this twin pack adds a little bit more on due to it’s gourmet status. I’m not sure how different they’d be to normal avocados, but it’s worth a shoot if you like them.


  • 50p off Philadelphia Jalapeno (170g) – Online code: GRFP4T

Priced at £1.95, so with the 50p off coupon, it makes it £1.45.

Analysis: If you like your Philadelphia a bit spicy, then this will work. These often go on sale for £1.50, so you’re getting it a bit cheaper than it drops in price to. Be sure to look out for a sale to stack it with.


  • 65p off any Mr Kipling or Cadbury baking mixes (265g, 350g or 400g) – Online code: GRM7KT

These are currently prices at £2.50 or 2 for £4. The offer would mean you get 1 for £1.85 or 2 for £3.35.

Analysis: Keen bakers might enjoy this. Although there are cheap cake and baking mixes out there, this will probably have better quality as it’s from brands like Mr Kipling and Cadbury.


  • £1 off Naked Glory Frozen Sausages or Burgers (320g or 227g) – Online code: N/A

Priced at £2.75 each, so the £1 off coupon, it makes it £1.75.

Analysis: These are meatless frozen sausages or burgers, so they aren’t for everyone. However, if you need something like this, the price is matching up well! Other products you’d be spending over £2 for something similar.

Tesco Magazine March 2020

And those are the coupons in the Tesco magazine for March 2020! Thank you so much to @AnneM_71 on Twitter for sending me these over, because I couldn’t find them this month!

I’ll be writing a blog about the April coupons when I get my hands on a mag next month – so be sure to stick around.

If you want to save more money in the supermarket, why not check out Shopmium for cashback, and also Airtime Rewards for other supermarkets.

Have you seen any coupons recently worth shouting about? Will you be using any of these? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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1 Comment

  • Kat Saffi
    Posted 14th March 2020 at 4:30 pm 0Likes

    Thanks Jordan!
    The Naked Glory items are currently also on Shopmium and Checkoutsmart and maybe also the yoghurt. Potentially maxing the Tesco vouchers even further 🐾

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