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If you’re due to renew your car or home insurance, you can claim a little reward for getting it. The price comparison websites are in battle for our business with rewards for purchasing, and here is the newest one called Rewards.

Buying insurance can be a boring and arduous task for some – but now if you’re buying through, you can choose a reward to claim for your purchase. 

Most of the main insurance comparison websites offer some kind of incentive for signing up, and are now joining in.

There are 4 different rewards to choose from, which are worth between £20-54. Here are the ins and outs of the deal, and how to claim it:

How to get Rewards Rewards is a brand new scheme, where after purchasing an annual policy of either Car Insurance or Home Insurance, you can choose a reward.

You can claim a reward every time you buy an annual policy (or if anyone in your family does too), so you can keep on getting a freebie when they come up for renewal.

Once you have made your insurance purchase, head onto your account within 30 days and go to your rewards tab. You can then choose which one you would like, and you’ll be emailed with your freebie.

If your insurance isn’t up for renewal just yet, it’s still worth getting a quote on to see what the prices will be. It also saves your quotes for you to come back to, so you don’t have to fill everything out.

It’s worth mentioning, that different comparison websites have different quotes, so to get the best price it’s worth shopping around. There are also insurers that you won’t find on price comparison websites (such as Churchill), so be sure to shop around.

If you found that there isn’t much different between quote prices, then is a good option to get a free reward (worth between £20-54). But at the same time, don’t be swayed to go with just because of the freebie – if you can get a better deal elsewhere.


What rewards can you claim? (Up to £54 in value)

There are four different rewards to pick from. 2 of them are vouchers, and 2 are free subscription services (which are actually worth more than the vouchers – but only any good if you’d use them).
  • £20 Halfords voucher

You can spend your Halfords voucher in any branch or autocentre, however it cannot be used online. The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. You can use your voucher in different transactions, or all in one go.


  • £20 Domino’s pizza voucher

You can spend your Domino’s pizza voucher online or on the app (but not in store). You can use the £20 in one order, and any money left over if you don’t spend it will be lost. Can be used on collection or delivery.


  • Up to 6 months NowTV pass (worth £34-54)

You can claim either a 1 month Sky sports pass (worth £33.99), a 3 month Sky Cinema pass (worth £35.97) or a 6 month NowTV entertainment pass (worth £53.94). You’ll need to enter a credit or debit card when claiming your freebie , but remember to cancel before it auto-renews.


  • 12 months roadside assistance with Green Flag (worth £30-40)

Get roadside assistance on your car, van, motorhome or motorbike that is privately registered in the UK. When checking the value on my car, it was worth around £33, but price will vary depending on vehicle. See full details here.


If you wanted the full details on the rewards, you can find it on their website. I just had a look at a car insurance quote – and think I’ll be getting this when I need to renew! It’s not the biggest amount of money back – but it’s better than nothing.

Hope you’ve found this helpful! With Meerkat Movies and now this rewards, we’re all getting much better deals when renewing those pesky bills. 

You can get cashback on insurance too – if you haven’t signed up to Quidco yet, get 2 free cinema tickets then you can get cashback on bills.

Will you be renewing your car or home insurance to claim a freebie? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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