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It’s something that couponers wait for every single month… The Tesco magazine is released at the start of each month and inside are money off vouchers. Here are the coupons in the Tesco Magazine July/August 2020.

The coupons in previous months issues this year haven’t been great. With lockdown and limited supermarket capacity, it was a lot harder to use coupons in store, so very little popped up.

In this months issue (which has bumped two months together), there are a few good coupons that might come in handy. 

There are 6 for you to choose from this month, compared to the dwindling numbers of around 4 in previous months.

3 of the 6 coupons have online codes, so you can use them as part of your online shopping.

Here are the coupons in the magazine this month, and a little analysis of how good it is:

Tesco magazine July/August 2020 coupons

  • £1 off Loctite Mini Trio Gel Super Glue (3x 1g) – Online code: GRFTTP

Currently priced at £3. This makes the product £2 after the coupon. Expires: Sunday 23rd August

Analysis: If you’re in the market for a strong glue – this is good discount for this brand. Other superglues may be cheaper per gram though – so do look around to make sure you’re getting the best price.



  • £1 off any Plantastic Multipack – Online code: GRFJ7H

Priced at £2.25, so after your 75p off coupon, it’ll cost £1.25. Starts: Tuesday 4 August Expires: Monday 14 September

Analysis: These are plant based flapjacks in a variety of flavours. Good if your diet revolves around plant based foods – but still pricy if it doesn’t.



  • £2 off Any Oppo Ice Cream (475g) – Online code: GRM4LP

On sale at £3.00 (was £4.50), so with the £2 off coupon, it makes it £1. Expires: Sunday 27 September

Analysis: How glorious to have a coupon for ice cream! With the £2 off coupon, and the deal at Tesco, it makes it cheaper than Magnum, Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. It’s a low calorie ice cream too – for those on a health fix



  • 65p off Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick 0% or 5% Natural Yoghurt (450g) – Online code: N/A

These are currently priced at £2.75 each. This means the 65p off coupon means you’ll pay £2.10 per yoghurt. Expires: Sunday 23 August

Analysis: This is a brand new product from Yeo Valley, so this coupon is likely getting people to try it out. A bit on the pricey side in comparison to its competitors, so might only be good if you want to try out the new yoghurt.



  • £1 off Any Kirsty’s Gluten & Dairy Free Chilled Meal (400g) – Online code: N/A

These are currently priced at £3 each, making it £2 after the coupon is applied. Expires: Sunday 23 August

Analysis: As the name suggests, it’s gluten and dairy free meals. You have the option of cottage pie, or chicken with rice – so if that’s what you fancy for dinner, it could be a good one to use. Normal ready meals can be more expensive than this.



  • £1 off Zip 100% Natural Twisted Firestarters (16 pack) – Online code: N/A

Priced at £3 each, so the £1 off coupon, it makes it £2. Expires: Monday 31 August

Analysis: Wasn’t quite sure what these were when I first saw it – but it’s a tool you use to start fires for barbecues (or otherwise). 

A very odd thing to have a coupon for. It does make it the cheapest product in the Zip range – so maybe have a look if you’ve got some food to cook.

Tesco Magazine July/August 2020 - Jordon Cox Britain's Coupon Kid

And those are the coupons in the Tesco magazine for July/August 2020! 

P.S: Be sure to flip to the back of this magazine – as my blogging friend has written an article about regaining control of your cashflow.

I’ll be writing a blog about the September coupons when I get my hands on a mag – so be sure to stick around.

If you want to save more money in the supermarket, why not check out Shopmium for cashback, and also Airtime Rewards for other supermarkets.

Have you seen any coupons recently worth shouting about? Will you be using any of these? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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1 Comment

  • Christine Taylor
    Posted 28th July 2020 at 11:47 am 0Likes

    Great to see you back again Jordon !, thanks for this ‘inside’ info on the Tesco vouchers, I shall definitely be using them ! X

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