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There have been several deals on smart speakers recently, but if you missed out on them, there’s a bundle deal which may be worth looking at.

If you missed out on the deal of an Amazon Echo dot for £8.98, this new deal (also from Amazon), may be a good alternative.

This deal, it’s available to everyone, and there is no special terms or tricks to get it… you just add it to your basket. So if you missed out before, this is a good alternative.

Here are the full details:

Echo Dot 3rd Gen & Blink Mini for £46.49

This deal involves two items together in a bundle. It usually costs £84.98 for the two of them, but with the deal it costs £46.49.

As part of the bundle, you get the Echo Dot 3rd Gen (which usually costs £49.99), and a new Amazon security camera called the Blink Mini (which usually costs £34.99).

As the RRP of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen is £49.99, you’re basically getting the Blink Mini for free.

At the price of £46.49, you’ll get each item for around £23 each. Whether you have Prime or not, delivery is free. (If you don’t have Prime, you can sign up for free here).

What is the Blink Mini?

You probably know what an Echo Dot is, but a Blink Mini is not as well known.

The Blink Mini is a security camera made by Amazon. It’s similar to a Ring doorbell, but instead it’s used for the inside of your home.

By connecting the camera through an app, you can see what’s going on inside your home, check on your pets, and set security alerts if it senses movement.

The Blink Mini can also be controlled through your Echo Dot speaker, which is why the two are together in a bundle.

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Is the deal any good?

The Echo Dot can be found on sale every now and then for between £25-30, and the Blink Mini has been available for £27.99 before.

So at £46.49, it works out cheaper than the lowest prices they have both dropped to. But it’s probably only worth getting if you wanted it, or would use both.

If you already have an Echo Dot, or don’t really want the Blink Mini camera, there’s nothing stopping you selling one of them on Facebook Marketplace or eBay to make a bit of money back.

Here’s where to find the deal if you’re interested.


While we may all be spoiled with Echo Dots for £8.98, this is still a great deal if perhaps you weren’t eligible for the last one, or missed out.

I hope this saves you money as always! Whether you have it for yourself, or save it for a Christmas present, it should go to good use.

Will you be getting an Echo and Blink Mini bundle? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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