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If you have old phones, old video games, consoles or DVDs laying around – you can earn £100s from selling them. Here’s how to sell to CeX.

From the searching to the shipping, selling to CeX can be quite confusing. However, there is a lot of money to be made if you do it right.

I’ve been selling on CeX for years, both in store and online – so I can also share a few tips along the way to make the process easier (or more profitable).

So in this guide, you’ll learn how the process works of finding items to sell to CeX, how to send online, whether to choose cash or vouchers and finally my top tips to make £10s or £100s more.

CeX: How To Sell In Store

If you have some items you want to sell to CeX, it’s pretty easy to sell to them by taking it into a shop.

There are approximately 380 CeX shops nationwide, and you can pop into any one (but be sure to check if it’s open right now depending on what tier you are in).

You’ll need to have a CeX card in order to exchange your items, but you can sign up for one in store on the day. They’ll take a few details like your address and name – so it shouldn’t be too painful.

You can bring in as much or as little as you like. Either one phone, or a whole collection of 30 xbox games (which is what I did once).

With each item, they’ll scan things in, or assess their quality, and give you a price for it. You don’t have to take what they offer, and can take it back home if you’re not happy.

With the bigger items such as games consoles, phone and tablets, they may need to conduct a test of the equipment.

When I went in to sell an old Xbox console, they took around 15 minutes checking it out, made sure it read discs etc. After their inspection, they’ll give you a price for the item.

After everything has been added up, they’ll give you a price for both store credit (with an expiry date of 1,000 years into the future), or in cash.

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CEX: How To Sell Online

Selling online to CeX is pretty straight forward, although the website can be difficult to use sometimes.

In order to send your items off to them, you’ll need to have a cardboard box ready and perhaps some kind of bubble wrap or packing items to protect your tech in the post – so bare that in mind.

Log onto the CeX website (known as WeBuy), and start searching for your items using the search function.

With each item you search for, you’ll see the option either to buy it or sell it to them. You’ll also see how much they’ll give you for both cash and vouchers.

Here’s the kind of thing you’ll see:

How To Sell To CEX Video Games Selling Online To CEX

The search feature can be a bit glitchy, so you may need to play around with different words to describe your item.

For example, searching for “Wii Controller” won’t give you any results, but “Wii Remote” will. The same thing happens with consoles. Try adding the storage size when typing “Xbox One 500GB” or “Playstation 4 1TB” to find the actual consoles.

Once you’ve actually found your items, they will appear in your online basket. You can add as little or as much to your online basket, though there is a £5 minimum value for parcels to be sent.

The basket will show you a grand total of what your items are worth in both cash and vouchers, and after logging in or signing up, you can choose which option you’d like to go for.

CEX Voucher or Cash How To Sell to Cex

When CeX receive your items, they test through the consoles, discs and tech to make sure it all works.

If it doesn’t work, or they can’t take it (for whatever reason), you’ll have to select whether you’d like them to recycle the items or to send it back to you.

After that, you’ll be able to post your parcel (which is totally free and paid for by them). You have 3 different options to get your parcel to CeX:

  • Royal Mail Home Collection
  • Collect+
  • Royal Mail Freepost

If you select home collection, you’ll need to have a printer at home to print out the label for it to be scanned on collection.

However, if you can take it to a local post office, select the Royal Mail Freepost, where you can be given a QR code to show the cashier, who can scan it and print a label in store.

You’ll need to have sent the items within 10 days of you committing to sell CEX your items, in order to lock in the prices offered – as they change all the time with demand.

After they receive your parcel, you’ll receive an email, and after they have tested everything, they are able to verify how much money they can pay you (with things taken off if they cannot take them).

Your money should then be in your account within 3-5 working days, or a voucher will be sent to your email shortly after.

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CeX Vouchers or Cash – Which is better?

When trading in or selling to CeX, you can choose to take away either cash or vouchers for your items.

Whichever one you choose, is obviously down to your personal choice but there are a few things worth noting.

First off, there are no expiry date to vouchers. The expiry dates are listed as 1,000 years into the future of when you get them, so they basically don’t expire in yours or any of your kids lifetimes.

This is good to know, as you you perhaps wanted to save up for the next ten consoles (past the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5) – you can use the vouchers then… if you remember of course.

The vouchers are given to you either on a receipt or an e-voucher, depending on how you sell your goods.

Luckily, as long as you hang onto your membership card, the voucher should be on there if you happen to lose a receipt or email – so it should be safe.

If you were to go for cash, you need to be aware that you do get less money for your items.

I did a quick add up online, and a lot of the items that you can trade in give you 33% less value if trading for cash (or you get 33% more in vouchers, depending on how you look at it).

The cash you can get straight away, either in money at a shop, or via bank transfer/PayPal is trading in online.

Getting cash is of course the safer option, as gift cards and voucher could end up being worthless if CeX were to go into administration – so that’s a risk you’ll have to weigh up as well.

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Best Things To Sell To CeX

You can sell many things to CeX, including phones, tablets, games, consoles, DVDs and more.

The amount they give you for your items depends on a number of things – but mostly it’s down to how popular or in demand your item is.

If a lot of people buy it – they’ll give you more money. But there’s no way of telling what sells well apart from searching for it on CeX’s search bar.

A few other factors alter price, including condition of item and storage space, but they only play a factor when selling consoles and phones.

CeX have a lot of competitors who also buy tech online for money – but I think CeX are the best for selling a lot of things.

From doing some research for Money To The Masses, we found you generally get the highest rates and prices from CeX for trading in.

The other bonus for using CeX, is that you can either get cash or get a little bit more money in a store voucher – which is handy if you’re saving up for a new game, console or phone.

In my experience, I’ve sold hundreds of pounds of old Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii games – and I found them to be fair with prices and service.

Phones are usually a good bet for selling to CeX as well. You do often get more money for bringing in a box (if you have one), and are fairer when judging the condition of the phone.

In the past, when you send in items to Music Magpie or other online buyers, there have been questions over whether the judgement of condition of the product is true.

Most people can’t be bothered to argue or ask for it to be sent back in the post, so just sell it anyway – and people have speculated if that’s part of their business model.

CeX however seems more fair, and if you’ve brought it to a CeX shop as opposed to sending it to them online, you can speak to someone face to face to talk about the condition and price it accordingly.

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Tips For Selling At CeX

Whether you sell to CeX in store or online – there are a few tips I can give you to get more money, and also make the experience a little easier.

I’ve sold plenty of items to CeX, from reselling and flogging my old games – so these are the things that I have picked up on over the years:

1. Check What’s Included When Selling Consoles

If you are selling a video games console, you need to send one controller along with the console in order to get the price advertised.

It’s worth having a look at how much they would give you for the controllers – as you may get more by sending CeX the controllers and selling the console without controllers on eBay.

For example, a Wii Console and one controller will get you £16 in cash – but you can get £5 for every working controller.

2. Check Your Controllers

Speaking of controllers, one of the items I’ve had rejected the most is Wii remote controllers for the reason of ‘battery leak’.

If you haven’t used a controller for any console in a while, be sure to check for this. Usually the controllers still work, so if you give it a good clean, they’ll likely take them without the signs of leak.

3. Clean Clean Clean!

Cleaning all of your items before you send them off to CeX is probably a good idea too. Just give consoles a once over with a cloth to make sure they are presentable and ready for sale.

4. You Don’t Need Leaflets

If you’re selling games, it doesn’t matter if they have the guide or leaflets in the box anymore, they’ll still take them.

5. Boxes Earn You more

As I said above, for games consoles and phones, you’ll earn a little bit more if you have the original boxes. See if you can fish those out the attic, as they could add £5-10 on top of the value.

Conclusion – How To Sell On CeX

I hope this guide has been helpful for sending off your old tech, phones and video games.

I’ve made £100s in the past through reselling items I found going cheaply on Facebook Marketplace, or from my old collection that I’ve kept all these years.

If you have a cupboard full of old games and tech – it might be worth having a look, as you might be sitting on a small fortune.

Will be you selling on CeX after reading this guide? Let me know how much you make in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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