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Free food fills me with a warm joyous feeling in the pit of my stomach (and that’s before I eat it). If it does the same for you, there are a few ways to get free food from apps in the UK.

Freebies are one of life’s pleasures that I’m sure everybody loves. And if you’re a bargain hunter like me, it’s something you search the web for.

But increasingly, apps on your phone are paving the way for freebies and free food. Which makes things easier – as you always have your phone with you. There are no coupons to remember to bring.

As there are so many places to find free food with apps, I thought I’d compile them all together in this list, to help you get started.

If there are any I’ve missed too – be sure to add it in the comments below. Let’s get on to the free food on apps:

Restaurants – Free Food From Apps

When you think of food, you often think of restaurants and fast food chains. This can be expensive when you have no vouchers (or freebies of course).

While you may not get a lavish Michelin star meal for free, these little treats and goodies should make you just as happy.

Here is all the free food from apps you can get at restaurants and fast food outlets:

Free Side At KFC

If you have never signed up to the Colonel’s Club at KFC (its loyalty app), you can get a free side just for signing up.

When you’ve submitted your details when downloading the KFC app, you’ll receive 3 chicken stamps – enough for a free side.

Your choice of side includes: Small Popcorn Chicken, 2 Hot Wings, Soft Drink, Sundae or Regular Fries.

For the full details, see my Free KFC Side blog.

Free Kfc side
Enjoying my free side when I first snapped it up

Free McCafé Coffee (or 99p Chicken Nuggets) at McDonald’s

Downloading the McDonald’s app is something you should do. Quite often there are offers or freebies that pop up for app users.

And, if you’re a new McDonald’s app user and download for the first time, you get a freebie added to your deals tab.

Before, this used to be a free McCafé hot drink of your choice, but now, some people are getting an offer for 99p Chicken Nuggets.

No matter what you get, you’ll either get a discount or a freebie – and hopefully more in the future.

McDonald's app
Here's what the offers look like

Greggs – Free Breakfast Roll & Drink

If you’ve never downloaded the Greggs mobile app, you can pick up some free food and a drink!

For a short time you can get a free breakfast roll (either sausage or bacon), and a free drink (either hot drink or orange juice).

Simply download the app and you’ll have the offer ready for you to use. It’s only for the first 50,000 people and once you get it, you have 28 days to claim it.

This is available at all Greggs shops nationwide, and available on takeaways if you’re in a high tier area.

Greggs Free Bacon Roll and Drink Free Food from apps uk
Perfect way to start the day with a free breakfast roll or drink

Birthday Freebies At Restaurants

Did you know that you can get loads of freebies on your birthday? Quite often they’re easy to claim and sent directly to you.

When signing up for restaurant newsletters (usually by email), you’ll get sent freebies and discounts from up to a week before your big day.

Some of the food freebies include a free Krispy Kreme Doughnut, free Ed’s Diner milkshakes, free smoothies and more.

See everything up for grabs in my birthday freebies blog.

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

I love me a Krispy Kreme, and you can get one for free when you sign up to the Krispy Kreme loyalty scheme.

You can pick up the free doughnut either in a Tesco with a Krispy Kreme counter, or in an actual store.

This costs around £1.50, so won’t break the bank, but it’s a sweet freebie.

Free £5 Box Meal At Taco Bell

This is a great one – giving you a box meal which will keep you fed, as opposed to a smaller freebie. Taco Bell is my favourite fast food restaurant too (I recommend the Quesadilla).

If you’ve never downloaded the Taco Bell mobile app, after signing up and registering you’ll be given a free ‘Chalupa Cravings Box’ to claim at any restaurant.

The Chalupa Cravings Box contains a chalupa (a fried taco), a crunchy taco, fries, a drink and cinnamon twists for desert.

Not a bad freebie for downloading an app! Here’s what the box meal looks like:

Taco Bell Free Chalupa Box Free Food from apps via with
I may start dribbling if I stare at this any longer

Supermarkets – Free Food From Apps UK

It’s not just restaurants that can be a goldmine for free food via apps. You can also pick up a lot of food in the supermarket.

These can be in the form of coupons or apps, but it’ll make your shopping trips a lot cheaper (and fun).

Here’s how to get free food from apps in the supermarket:

Free Pringles – Shopmium

If you’ve never used cashback apps before, you can get freebies and discounts on your supermarket food shop. One of my favourites is from Shopmium.

If you download the Shopmium app, and enter the code s3i37r, you can get a free can of Pringles.

To claim, you buy it in a store of your choice, and take a picture of the receipt. You’ll then get sent the money spent back to your PayPal account.

For full info about Shopmium, see the full blog.

Shopmium promo
The Shopmium app helps you save money on your supermarekt shopping

Coupons – Free Food

As my namesake is “Britain’s Coupon Kid” – I started my whole money saving journey by using coupons.

While not all of them are on apps (apart from cashback apps like Shopmium), there are plenty of coupons that can get you free food.

You can learn about how to find coupons and get free food in my Extreme Couponing blog post.

Coupons in the UK
Some of the coupons I've received in the post

Conclusion – Free Food From Apps

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get free food via apps. It’s a fun way to save money, and fill your tummy. It always tastes better when it’s free too.

Hopefully this blog has saved you money! Do let me know if you manage to get hold of any free food via apps. I’d love to know how much you save.

Do you know of any more free ways to get food? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.

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